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Does CBD Really Do Anything?

While almost everyone in the health and science fields recognize that CBD is an amazing natural supplement that can provide amazing results for some people, there are still some doubters out there.

Part of me thinks that the doubters have a vested interest in big pharma, and hence don’t want a cheap, natural remedy that will help thousands of people, without filling up the bank accounts of the big health companies.

If you need to know if CBD does anything, then you probably need to get some basic education on what CBD is…and you will soon find out that not only does CBD do many things, it actually is a basic building block of life.

Most of the chemical reactions in the body that determine pretty much everything about us, is handled within the endocannabinoid system. I mean it literally controls every thought, emotion and feeling that we have as humans… so it would be silly to think it doesn’t work.

So the answer is rather simple… yes CBD works. If it didn’t our bodies wouldn’t work at all… kinda easy.

The Penis Enlargement Bible Review – Does It Really Work?

Penis Enlargement Bible Review. Having spent a lot of time bouncing around the Internet, I have noticed an increase in popularity of advertisements that promote penis growth. For example this site:

Now we all know that big dick pills do not work… heck even Joe Rogan makes fun of them during one of his sets:

I mean let’s be honest – those ads are funny. Anyone dumb enough to think big dick pills work, deserve to be ripped off. Hilarious!

But this method… the method learned inside the PE Bible is different.

It actually works and it is safe, effective and the only side effects are a larger erection.

Watch this video from Bill Preston where he shares his thoughts on the PE Bible:

What Is The Penis Enlargement Bible?

The PE Bible is a 94 page ‘bible’ that shows men how to naturally grow their penis. The Penis Enlargement Bible is the key to naturally growing the male penis. The combination of exercise and natural supplements detailed in the PE Bible are proven to naturally grow the penis.

How Does The Penis Enlargement Bible Work?

The Penis Enlargement Bible uses a two prong approach to grow the penis. The first prong is a series of bio-metric exercises that are designed to stretch the chambers inside the penis. This combined with some changes in diet that are designed to stimulate blood flow. You can find out all about how the combination of these two methods when used together, can actually grow the penis, by reading this post:

Who Is The PE Bible Designed For?

The Penis Enlargement Bible is designed for any man who wants to permanently increase the size of his erect penis, using only exercise and natural supplements.

What Do You Get When You Order The PE Bible?

Not only do you get instant access to download John’s award winning eBook, you also get immediate access to the following great bonuses.

What If It Doesn’t Work For You?

Good question. You will be happy to know that the Penis Enlargement Bible comes with a 60 day 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee.

How To Order The PE Bible From The Official Site

That is easy. Click this link and you will be taken to the official site.

Final Verdict

As a customer myself, I can say that I have really nothing but great things to say about the Penis Enlargement Bible. It works great, is easy to follow and the results are fantastic,

Spartagen XT The Natural Testosterone Booster

One of the many ways to improve testosterone levels is to take an all-natural testosterone booster. Other methods include cutting out drinking and smoking, sleeping more and even changes in diet and exercise. All of these work together to help restore healthy, natural testosterone levels.

With regard to overall health, it is a known fact that an increase in testosterone production to normal levels is important, especially if you have low levels.

Bodybuilding Tip: Testosterone Boosters to Build Muscle Do They Work???

For more information on a great natural testosterone booster, check out spartagen xt here:

While testosterone itself doesn’t create muscle, very low testosterone levels can lead to a rise in abdominal fat.

Although natural testosterone boosters are thought to be fairly safe, one should not ignore the ingredients list and should do their own research prior to beginning any supplement regimen.

Unlock Her Legs Review – Make An Informed Decision

Find out how Unlock Her Legs can help you scramble the thoughts of that one woman and help erase her previous conceived thoughts of you and let you start from scratch. Make her curious about you and become the object of her desire:

Click here to learn about unlock her legs.

If you want to get started with the Unlock Her Legs, check out the scrambler.


Peruvian Brew, Can An Ancient Recipe Help With ED?

I am updating this post as we have now learned that people can order the Peruvian Brew and it comes with the Erect on Demand system. Read more below.

For anyone who has suffered from the embarrassing effects of Erectile Dysfunction, they know how challenging it can be to not be able to perform. While it is easy to become frustrated, or even depressed or feel like something is wrong with them, the facts are the ED is usually caused by some very simple to fix issues.

While many will turn to the little blue pill or other medications, it should be noted that there are many other options.

Breaking down ED into its simplest form, it is either lack of blood flow, lack of sensitivity or a mental block.

The mental block can be a tricky one, but it can be solved seeking the help of a professional. They can help with whatever mental issues are blocking the ability to enjoy the moment.

The other two are much easier to address. There are many ways to increase blood flow in the body. Getting in shape, drinking less alcohol and even quitting tobacco all help increase blood flow. Proper nutrition is also key to improving circulation in the body. This includes making sure to consume nutrients, vitamins, herbs, and minerals found naturally in food, or as part of a supplement program.

Another main contributor to ED is lack of sensitivity. This can happen over time and can be addressed with proper care and also enhanced with certain vitamins, minerals and herbs.

There is a lot of evidence that ED can be cured naturally.

Anyone could do the research themselves and find the right ingredients that will address the lack of blood flow and the sensitivity issues. But the simplest method is to find someone who has done this research and then follow their advice.

A great example of this is Josh Harding’s Erect On Demand eBook which has become very popular with men looking for a solution to their ED. This eBook has helped thousands of men and is a great resource for not only the ingredients that are in his Peruvian Brew, but also has all of the research he has done while trying to eliminate his own ED.

For those who haven’t heard of Josh, he basically learned of a secret recipe that men in Peru had been using for thousands of years to help eliminate any issues they were having with impotence as they got older. He was able to get this recipe, and he started sharing it with his close friends, who in turn encouraged him to write his now famous book, Erect on Demand. This has now helped thousands of men worldwide.

What is really cool, and this is new – the Peruvian Brew system now comes in a powder form. So you get all the benefits of the Erect on Demand system, including the book – but in a convenient, ready to use powder.

So for anyone dealing with this embarrassing issue, know that there are many solutions and the best remedy is to take action to eliminate it.

Recipes To Help Refuel Your Body After Working Out

Being a bar owner and workout nut, I wanted to share some simple yet highly effective recipes to use when trying to refuel your body after a good workout.

Obviously, you will want to supplement any food you eat with plenty of water, or a low calorie, low sugar flavored beverage. I personally really enjoy Bai, but there are many similar products that are just a good on the market.

The main ingredients in a post workout meal should include the following:

Lean protein (chicken, beef, fish).
Healthy complex carbs for energy (remember carbs are only bad if you have to many, or are not active). I prefer quinoa.
Healthy fat (such as in nuts or other legumes).
Vegetables (steamed broccoli are my favorite).

Stick with the above and you are well on your way to having a great post workout snack or meal.

Watch the video below for the 10 Best Pre & Post Workout Meals / Snacks:

Any questions, just ask!

Foods That Will Improve Stamina

So being a chef, I am asked a lot about how diet impacts peoples lives. We all know that eating healthy will improve your overall health, but did you also know that certain foods will make you feel more energized and alive?


It’s true. If you don’t eat a balanced diet, and instead just eat junk food, or even fast food. You may feel a jolt of energy from the fats and sugars, but after a sort time you will feel awful. If you keep eating like this, you will slowly feel worse and worse, and soon you will have a problem.

To combat this, you need to eat low carb, high protein foods with some fat and limited sugars.

It’s also important to get natural energy boosters and vitamins.

Let’s also not forget that exercise is a big component to how much energy we feel. So remember, eat right, exercise and limit the drinking and you will feel the results.

Check back soon as I plan on posting some low carb, high protein recipes that should boost your energy levels and hopefully correct any low testosterone issues you may be having.

Until then, have a great day!


How Healthy Eating Makes You Happy

Everyone thinks that food that is bad for you is what will make you feel good, I mean who doesn’t like bacon on their greasy cheeseburger?

But the reality is, healthy food while not as desirable will make you much, much happier after you eat it and if you look at long term health and happiness, healthy eating is the new comfort food.

8 Healthy Foods to Make You Feel Happy

Thanks for watching,