Does CBD Really Do Anything?

While almost everyone in the health and science fields recognize that CBD is an amazing natural supplement that can provide amazing results for some people, there are still some doubters out there.

Part of me thinks that the doubters have a vested interest in big pharma, and hence don’t want a cheap, natural remedy that will help thousands of people, without filling up the bank accounts of the big health companies.

If you need to know if CBD does anything, then you probably need to get some basic education on what CBD is…and you will soon find out that not only does CBD do many things, it actually is a basic building block of life.

Most of the chemical reactions in the body that determine pretty much everything about us, is handled within the endocannabinoid system. I mean it literally controls every thought, emotion and feeling that we have as humans… so it would be silly to think it doesn’t work.

So the answer is rather simple… yes CBD works. If it didn’t our bodies wouldn’t work at all… kinda easy.